You Can See Where You're Going
6 hanging scrolls, video projection, iPad dock

Creative technology director: Guillermo Acevedo
Audi Innovation for Future Mobility exhibition
Guangzhou, China
November 21 - 23, 2013

Today, some of the most cutting-edge technology explores our innate humanity to create a sense of connectedness. Contemporary artist Jennifer Wen Ma’s artwork created an interactive data wall using a set of complex data, offering each visitor a unique, non-replicable, and visually stunning virtual mobility experience that is different each time depending on data collection. These data come from the Internet, movements and moods of the visitors, as well as their desired destinations and time periods. The road trip could be leisurely and relaxing with lyrical images; fast and chaotic with a cacophony of images; traditional and nostalgic; or cool, urban and futuristic.


The visual output is not sterile and digital, but warm, organic, artistic and personal. It is also uniquely Chinese, respecting traditions and history while simultaneously reinterpreting for contemporary and future citizens, which will resonate deeply with the Chinese visitors. This distinctive artistic landscape unfurls in front of the viewers and envelops them within, inviting them on an extraordinary experience of fantasy travel through the vehicle of modern technology powered by Audi. 

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Jennifer Wen Ma

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