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A Metamorphosis: Beginning

A Metamorphosis: Beginning

Laser-cut flashspun nonwoven HDPE garden, iridescent pigment

Macao Museum of Art


June 7​ - October 7, 2019

A Metamorphosis: Beginning features a dark garden, leaping off the ground and climbing the rafters of the Macao Museum of Art. On behalf of the inaugural Art Macao festival, each artist exhibiting in various venues across the region of Macao also installed a related artwork at the Museum: the official venue for the festival and its opening ceremony. 


This new work by Ma transitions in color from dark to light, with very subtle iridescent colors peaking at the head; akin to a dragon wrapping its body around the ceiling beam of the gallery. This sculpture, produced via the artist’s honeycomb cut-paper method, highlights the malleability of her signature material, further emphasizing the concept of a metamorphosis. 


A Metamorphosis: Beginning is presented in tandem with A Metamorphosis: No End to End, installed at MGM Cotai as a part of their Hua Yuan exhibition, curated by Miriam Sun of MoCA Shanghai. 

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