Single channel video and audio sound track

Singapore Biennale

September 4 - November 12, 2006

Prayers and chants from Judaism, Christianity and Islam are recorded on the same Friday at three Singaporean congregations: Maghain Aboth Synagogue, Saint Joseph's Church and Masjid Sultan Mosque. These audio tracks, from three distinctive religions spawned from the same root, are combined and played back at each site. Sometimes the result of the mixing and weaving soundscape is chaotic and in strong discord, and other times intertwine in unexpected harmony.


The video shows a close-up repetition of a hand opening and closing, with glass balls appearing in increasing numbers until the hand is so full that the balls spill and the hand becomes empty. The cycle of balancing wanting and having begins again.


Alms is inspired by the negotiation of giving and taking in religious practices and reflection on our world where clashes of faith form the biggest struggles of our time.

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