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City of Megaopolis
Roostaur approaching the city
Super Defense Force Guardian Robot V
Megaopolis Sky Satellite
Mighty Korg
Monster in shadow
General Max Salvo
Judy Matsumoto
Dr. Kakizaki

Monstersaurus Vs. The Super Defense Force
The Replaceable Meeps


Monstersaurus Vs. The Super Defense Force, by The Replaceable Meeps, is a collaborative multi-media-installation-musical-theatrical-performance that centers on a battle between monsters and robots. It is a metaphor for the struggle between chaos and order, and a commentary on the current violent global climate that we live in.

The project incorporates installation, music, live-action performance, puppetry, animation, video, multi-media projection, dance, and other performances, blurring the boundaries between these disciplines. The performance is experienced by the viewer from multiple perspectives, and allows the audience to see the story unfold in his/her own unique viewpoint. The audience participation and interaction is an essential element of the work, as they determine an important plot line in the story.

The environment, props and costumes are made from recycled or inexpensive materials. Giving the entire work a unique aesthetic. After the live-performances, the theatrical space becomes a multi-media installation, and remains on view for a period of time.

The Replaceable Meeps is a collective of artists, architects, musicians, actors, fashion designers and dancers, led by co-creators Jennifer Wen Ma and Mark Stilwell. Members include: Yoko Murakami Stilwell, Richard York, Brian Olin, Ron Jean-Gilles, Neal Moeller, Jason Wyche, Matthew Hilyard, Chris Paisley, Xing Zhen Chung-Hilyard, Melissa Kirgan, Bobo Dai Do, Franscois Debuchuron, Matthew Cramer, Quinn Kronen, among others.

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