Paradise Interrupted workshop

Performa 13

Performa Institute

New York, NY

November 4 - November 12, 2013

Jennifer Wen Ma, concept and visual direction

Qian Yi, Kunqu performer

Huang Ruo, composer

Guillermo Acevedo, creative technology director

Xiao Lihe, lighting designer

Matthew Hilyard, stage design 

Xing-Zhen Chung-Hilyard, costume design

Melissa Kirgan, costume design

Marianna Peragallo, coordination and production

Paradise Interrupted, an opera in development that presents a world activated by a lone voice in search of an unattainable ideal, was showcased as a three-part artist residency at the Performa Institute. In the first four days, Jennifer Wen Ma created a large-scale three-dimensional wall garden in paper. Ma and her collaborators then conducted a public two-day workshop of the opera in progress. The program concluded with an evening event, featuring a preview performance by singer Qian Yi set within the wall garden created during the week-long residency, and a panel discussion with members of the creative team. 

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