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This installation, commissioned by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum for the Sackler Center, consists of three projections, shown at the Guggenheim on skylights, showing embroidered Chinese words coming into and going out of focus. The words YOU (singular), ME, and YOU (plural) are in constant and unsynchronized flux, paralleling the negotiation of the relationships between self and others, and the difficulty in obtaining clear focus and maintaining balance. 


The embroidered words in the video were also displayed through the museum's round wall windows on the south side of the building. The delicate silk fabric is semitransparent and light filters through. These were meant to be read by passersby from outside the building, and visible to those enjoying a relaxing time in the café. 


More information about You, Me, You

You, Me, You

  • 06:07, 07:12, 05:31 looped

    Dimensions variable

    Three-channel video, scrims, embroideries on silk


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