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This is a scroll painting of preliminary design ideas for the project Nature and Man in Rhapsody of Light at the Water Cube, which is a large-scale public artwork to reimagine and activate the cellular "skin" of this iconic building. This scroll documents some of the crucial steps in designing the project. 

The facade of the Water Cube is illuminated through a fluid LED light display that changes daily in accordance with the energy flow of the day. State-of-the-art computer programs interpret the contents of ancient Chinese book I Ching, and emotion-indicating data collected from Chinese micro-blogging websites. The analysis of the I Ching and emotions expressed in the blogs create a unique picture of the day that is communicated through color, light, composition, rhythm and movement on the building facade. Separate but inseparable as part of a larger entity, the artwork represents a symbolic balance of individuality, creativity and social responsibility of Chinese citizens.


More information about Nature and Man in Rhapsody of Light at the Water Cube

Water Cube drawings I

  • Details

    Unique scroll

    Product Dimension: 9.05 x 540.16 inches

    Drawing scroll with Ink, Signed & Dated, Unframed


    Exhibition History: Forty-Four Sunsets in a Day, Hanart Square, Hong Kong, 2013

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