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This ink drawing features a single line of wave that runs the entire length of the 6 meter (18 feet) long scroll. The drawing was made in the process of making the video for the installation Tide--Inked Spring. 


Marking the 30th anniversary of the Art Space: Niji Gallery, this catalogue features on Jennifer Wen Ma’s exhibition Tide—Inked Spring at the gallery. A stone basin filled with black Chinese ink held a piece of floating silk, on which a video projection showed a hand and brush painting endless waves. Twelve small weeping cherry trees surrounded the basin, each painted black with ink. With time, flowers blossomed and tender green leaves grew out of the black, giving testimony to the power of renewal. The exhibition was held within one month of the Sendai earthquake and tsunami. All the profits from this exhibition were donated to support those who were affected by Tohoku earthquake and tsunami with cooperation of the artist.


More information about Tide—Inked Spring

Tide Drawing III

  • Unique scroll

    Chinese ink on paper

    28 x 614 cm


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