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Study for Eve at the Pond
Ink, paint, acrylic panel

This painting on acrylic glass was created as a study for Eve at the Pond, a large-scale painting created for the exhibition Eight Views of Paradise Interrupted at Sandra Gering Inc.

It was featured in Glass Ceiling, a "group exhibition bringing together artists who address challenges raised by representation of self and identity through glass. Coined for the first time by Marilyn Loden in her 1978 speech, the term “the glass ceiling” has gained further resonance within the current political and social climate prevalent in the United States and across the globe. The autonomy of women in the social arena in the U.S. has followed a considerable trajectory, from the Seneca Fall Convention in 1848 to Hillary Clinton’s announcement of her presidential candidacy on June 13, 2015. However, the heftiness of a glass ceiling seems overwhelming—and perishable, not only for women, but for those facing perpetual impediment due to gender and race."


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Study for Eve at the Pond

  • 48" x 18"

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