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On the occasion of the Asian Cultural Council 50th Anniversary Gala, 40 glass cube centerpieces created by ACC Fellow Jennifer Wen Ma adorn each table. The cubes have the appearance of weathered mirror with silver and gold undertones. Atop the cubes are sculptures made from black paper speckled with gold that are cut and composed to form a bustling garden or an abstract blossom. The work can also be arranged so that the paper sculpture is hung within the golden interior of the glass cube. 


More information about Paradise Interrupted Scaled

These limited edition centerpiece sculptures are scaled model studies of the stage design for Paradise Interrupted, a new installation opera inspired by the Garden of Eden and Peony Pavilion. This 80-minute production that bridges performance, installation, music and technology, is conceived and directed by Jennifer Wen Ma. A brand new music composition by Huang Ruo uses the 600-year old Chinese operatic tradition Kunqu with contemporary western music. The opera centers on a woman in search of an unattainable ideal, and her lone voice activates various elements of the opera through the use of interactive technology. The work premiered at the Spoleto Festival USA in Charleston, SC in May 2015, and opened at Lincoln Center Festival, NY in July 2016. 


Paradise Interrupted Scaled

  • Edition of 40

    Glass box, paper garden, gold paint

    Approximately 13 x 13 inches


    Available 20-40/40, excluding 34/40

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