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This installation, entitled Paradise Interrupted: Disintegration, was commissioned for Mikimoto's New York flagship store to celebrate the 2014 holiday season. It draws inspiration from installation opera Paradise Interrupted, a major cross-disciplinary stage work directed and visually designed by Jennifer Wen Ma, with music by composer Huang Ruo. The opera has been generously supported by the ACC and world premiered with Spoleto Festival USA in 2015, and opened at Lincoln Center Festival in 2016.


The Mikimoto triptych presents the dramatic moment in the opera where an abstract and utopian garden disintegrates and distills into what the artist describes as the essence of life. Here, a black paper garden is shown in various stages of coming undone, highlighting the fragility of its beauty. The back panels of semi-transparent weathered mirrors are a meditation on the allure and power of illusions. 


More information about Paradise Interrupted: Disintegration 


Paradise Interrupted: Disintegration

  • Commission for Mikimoto holiday window



    Plexi glass, paper gardens, metallic paints

    Each panel 3 x 6 feet


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