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This catalogue showcases the group exhibition "Nonuments," a project of Fung Collaboratives for 5x5 public art project in Washington, D.C., 2014.


Pages 20-29 in the catalogue feature full-color prints of Jennifer Wen Ma's project for the exhibition, Alpha Lillstrom Portrait Garden, as well as two statements from the artist about the work. 


Upon arriving at Nonument Park, visitors enter a garden that takes the form of personal portraiture on a magnified scale to celebrate the unsung heroes of daily life, at an unspecific moment, and without a prescribed value system. Community members nominated their peers, and an individual was chosen by lottery, paying homage to citizens whose deeds are not grand in the scheme of human history, but whose challenges are still heroic in the arduous struggles of daily life. 

This shift away from having a vertically erect portrait that is visible from afar, to the form being laid out on the ground that must be experienced by a closer encounter, is another important quality that addresses the concept of Monument/Nonument. The portrait is further articulated by painting the grass and plants black with Chinese ink, creating a landscape painting in the four-dimensional realm, as it allows the plants to grow and change during the course of the exhibition. 


More information about Alpha Lillstrom Portrait Garden 

Nonuments Catalogue

  • Type: Exhibition Catalogues

    Paperback: 80 pages

    Publisher: Fung Collaboratives

    Language: English

    Product Dimension: 10 x 7 x 0.25 inches


    Please allow 5-10 days for delivery


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