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Ladies in Waiting is commissioned by The Politics of Fear exhibition at Albion, London, 2007. The sculptures are positioned to face the direction of Mecca. The viewer encounter the work from the back of the figures, shrouded and slightly bent over, in the at-ease position of kneeling prayer. The drapery of the prayer dress falling over the body is elegantly carved in marble in a smooth and buttery texture. The figures are silent and still. 

When confronted with the foreign and unknown, our first reaction is often fear, which further separates and alienates us from the subject. The unknown then becomes the unknowable, without a voice or face. This work is a reflection on the reactions and interactions between humans that create a more fractured and divided world. 


More information about Ladies In Waiting

Ladies in Waiting

SKU: 0003
  • Installation: dimension variable

    Individual sculptures:

    1) 111x120x106cm, 1.8 tons

    2) 125x152x 106cm, 2.4 tons

    3) 116 x 120 x 102 cm, 2 tons



    Exhibition History: Politics of Fear, Albion Gallery, London, 2007

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