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This 2016 floor installation, entitled Exhaustive, consists of a flat tray of soil, painted black with Chinese ink, from which green grass sprouts. As the grass grows, the Chinese word qiong (窮) appears, rendered as a Rorschach blot formed by the green of the grass blades against the black of the soil. 

Stemmed from the artist's practice of applying Chinese ink to live plants and landscape, this indoor installation is a new experimentation that expands on this theme. Here, in the form of a floor piece, it evokes minimalist tiled floor works, drawing on a different artistic lineage and time period. The word "qiong" can be interpreted to mean "poor and destitute" or "extreme and exhaustive" depending on context, and is here playfully presented as a Rorschach blot.

Chinese ink was a primary medium of expression and communication for centuries in East Asia. It embodies all colors, emulates all forms, and gives meaning to brushstrokes and aesthetic achievements. Concurrently, black is both the absence of light and an exhaustive combination of all colors of pigment. This duality of inclusiveness and expulsion gives great opportunity for artistic exploration.


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  • Metal frame, soil, Chinese ink, grass seeds

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