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Limited Edition Digital Print Handkerchief Set


Created in tandem with my solo exhibition Cry Joy Park–– Gardens of Dark and Light at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art, these largescale compositions draw on the tradition of Chinese landscape painting while using imagery from my recent body of work, Cry Joy Park. Printed on high quality poly-georgette and hand-hemmed in New York City, these limited editions would be beautifully hung as tapestries, mounted between glass, or used in more day-to-day applications such as as fashion accessories.


Part of the proceeds from this purchase will benefit the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art. 


Dimensions: 18 x 18" each (set of 6)


Also a part of this series:

Large Diptych

Medium Tapestry

Small Diptych

In the Dark and Light of Cry Joy Park

  • Buyers should anticipate a three week production timeline from when the order is placed in addition to shipping time. 

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