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This graph-lined notebook features an artist rendering of Ma's 2015 interactive installation Bending the Arc, made for Atlanta's Flux Night 2015. This is a special commemorative notebook made prior to the commencement of the project. 


“The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” —MLK Jr. 

Throughout the evening of Flux Night 2015, visitors are invited to speak their inner voice into a set of eight un-amplified microphones that stand in the middle of a field, facing a wall with a simple straight white line projected onto it. As the participants speak, sing or shout into the microphone, the projected line respond by vibrating, shifting, warping or bending, in accordance with the raw voice’s volume, pitch, rhythm, brightness, duration, and other qualities. 

At the midnight finale, recording artist, composer and producer Jeryl Bright and rapper RDK join the Georgia Institute of Technology choir on the field to perform the specially commissioned song Bending the Arc, composed by Jeryl Bright. The audience are invited to sing along in unison. The flat line projected onto the smoke screen dance and vibrate in response to the voices in the night, bending towards a perfect arc. The more powerful the voices, the brighter and more brilliant the arc shines.

In the complex, dynamic and ever-shifting social landscape, individual choices and actions can seem too minute to alter powerful historical currents. However, many landmarks in social change have been ignited by a single action followed by strings of actions, eventually creating a force that courses into a movement. This work aims to exemplify the process of affecting change in collaboration with the audience. Their individual and collective voices become the vehicle for a visible transformation. 


More information about Bending the Arc

Bending the Arc Graph Notebook

  • Graph paper notebook, 5" x 7.125"


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