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A paper sculpture in the shape of an abstract garden or a dragon-like centipede stands atop a partially reflective surface with a weathered-mirror effect. This sculpture is a three-dimensional drawing exercise for installation opera Paradise Interrupted, where the music weaves ancient Chinese kun opera with Western operatic voices in a daring multidisciplinary experiment.


The story centers on a woman’s journey in search for an unobtainable ideal, at a moment in her life in which she is like Eve immediately after expulsion from the Garden of Eden. The garden stage design is an integral part of the advancement of the storyline and development of the protagonist. The physicality and design of the surreal garden that unfolds seemingly from nothing into a dynamic environment then back to an empty stage is inspired by the ephemeral quality of the traditional Chinese opera set design. This sculpture serves as one of many contemplations in this search for formal articulation within the continuum of the project. 


More information about In Search of the Garden of Eden

Paradise Scaled IV

  • Hand-cut paper, ink

    Product Dimension: 33 L x 25 W x 80 H cm


    Exhibition History: The World Turned Inside Out, Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art, The Netherlands, 2013

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