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This catalogue was published on the occasion of Jennifer Wen Ma's exhibition Aeolian Garden, commissioned by Arte all Arte. Full color photographs are accompanied by essays. It also features rare early works by the artist, not published elsewhere. Published in 2005.


Metal wind pipes and hammocks hang in the arches underneath the medieval Bridge in the Tuscan town of Colle di Val d'Elsa. When the wind blows through the metal pipes, a humming soundscape fills the arches as visitors lay in the hammocks. The sounds may be faint or loud, harmonious or dissonant, depending on the wind conditions of the moment.


The pipes recall the shape of a nearby church pipe organs. It also demonstrates how nature intervenes with our senses, sometimes pleasing and calming, at other times discordant and turbulent, similar to how spiritual life and daily life sometimes collide.


More information about Aeolian Garden

Aeolian Garden Catalogue

  • By Cai-Guo-Qiang, Paolo Brogioni, Mario Cristiani, Jennifer Wen Ma


    Published in tandem with Jennifer Wen Ma’s Artwork Aeolian Garden commissioned by Under Museum of Contemporary Art (UMoCA) in September 2005.


    Type: Exhibition Catalogues

    Paperback: 39 pages

    Publisher: Gli Ori, Prato

    Language: English and Italian

    ISBN: 88-7336-201-X

    Product Dimension: 9.25 x 6.5 x 0.2 inches


    Please allow 5-10 days for delivery


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